The Japanese-Inspired Gardens at Swiss Pines

The recovery of this unique treasure is currently in consideration and early planning. Follow along to find out more!

A Local Secret Brought Back to Life

One trip down Charlestown Township road and you’ll see it. A massive grove of bamboo looming nearing the highway with ancient looking Japanese structures tucked closely behind. It’s tempting to glance through the reeds but you’re forced to move along so as not to disrupt traffic.

This place, known as Swiss Pines, was once a jewel of Chester County. Shoe Magnate Arnold Bartschi brought it to life and delighted both local and international visitors.

A re-opening is not definitive yet. The grounds are still closed at this time but we are gathering the resources, tools, experts, and volunteers to plan a recovery effort.

What is Swiss Pines?

This property inspires a lot of questions and the story behind it is even more interesting than you might imagine. Meet the unique characters and circumstances that have gotten us to where we are today.

Get Involved in This Historic Recovery


The success of this program is dependent on people like you. This is a grassroots effort, backed by the non-profit Bartschi Foundation. Find out where your donation money will be going and what perks we are providing to generous supporters.

Become a Member

While donations help us kickstart our efforts, on-going memberships will be the key to sustainable success. Find out what privileges and benefits come with your membership and how it helps us create a stable foundation for recovery.


There’s plenty of work to be done and we have opportunities for people of all ages and ability levels. Find out more about our volunteer programs and how you can make a real difference in the success of this project and be a part of the gardens.

Membership Benefits & Volunteer Opportunities


Future Volunteer

Introducing the Sanrin Cultural Arts Center

As part of our efforts to create a sustainable business model in line with the original vision of the gardens, we plan to institute a number of cultural and education programs for members to enjoy. The Sanrin Cultural Arts Center will utilize on-site garden grounds and buildings as rehabilitation takes place. Program offerings will depend on locating qualified instructors and developing usable program space.

Potential Program Offerings

The Restoration Plan

There’s a lot to do. Our goal isn’t just to regain what was lost, but to build on the original vision of Arnold Bartschi to make this a vibrant and valued part of the community. If you’re considering getting involved you’ll want to know what the plan looks like for recovery.