Key Players in Swiss Pines History

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Additional Note: The following individuals and organizations are presented in alphabetical order for easy sorting and does not represent a heirarchy of importance.

Known Figures

  • Arnold Bartschi

    Multi-millionaire shoe magnate and originator of Swiss Pines and the Bartschi Foundation.

  • Meta Bartschi

    Arnold Bartschi’s first wife.

  • Barry Buckley

    Attorney that helped manage The Bartschi Foundation in its earliest phases.

  • Henriette Bumeder

    German model and longtime companion to Arnold Bartschi. Inherited Swiss Pines and The Bartschi Foundation upon Arnold’s passing.

  • Eva Cohen

    An assistant and secretary of the Bartschi Foundation that would go on to be an important partner and romantic interest of Arnold Bartschi.

  • Bill and Kim Coyle

    Couple that provided support to Henriette Bumeder in her later years. Specialists in roofing and general repair. Inherited Swiss Pines and The Bartschi Foundation upon Henriette’s passing.

  • Mr. Christman

    Multi-talented fix-it man that worked at Swiss Pines during the 60s-80s.

  • Anna Croyle

    Office caretaker and gift shop operator (around 1973).

  • Hans E. Daniels

    Holland native with a degree in agriculture from the University of Deventer and a background in horticultural research and planning in Southeast Asia for the Dutch government. Takes over as director of Swiss Pines around 1962 after Charles E. Mohr steps down. Influential in the development of the herb garden along with Joanna Reed.

  • David Engel

    New York landscape architect. Instrumental in the first five years of actual Japanese garden planning.

  • Derek Fell

    Author of an Architectural Digest piece that featured Swiss Pines.

  • Charles Herbert

    Helped found the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society in 1957 and was the second president of the Philadelphia Chapter. In 1967, The Philadelphia members living in the Valley Forge area didn’t want to travel to meetings in Philadelphia at 325 Walnut St., the Penn Hort Bldg. So on March 1, 1967, Charlie started the Valley Forge Chapter and was its first president ( 1967-1969 ). He died in 1978. In 1982, a Memorial Garden was established by the Valley Forge and Philadelphia Chapters and dedicated to his memory at Swiss Pines called Glenn Dale Azalea Garden.

  • Anna Kimmage

    Longtime caretaker of the Llewellyn Manor House.

  • Walter Kimmage

    Head caretaker around 1967.

  • Kevin R. Kuhn

    Charlestown Township Board of Supervisors. Helped Henriette with her vandalism problems,attempting to set up a tip hotline to secure leads on the vandals.

  • Dan Lehman

    Previous Swiss Pines Board of Trustee member.

  • William H. Llewellyn

    Owned nine drug stores in and around Philadelphia. Owned the Charlestown Township property before Arnold Bartschi and established Victorian gardens. Brought over four pieces of Japanese garden ornamentation from his eastern travels, which would later be discovered by Arnold Bartschi and help instigate the idea for Swiss Pines.

  • Hiroshi Makita

    Garden designer and caretaker. Took plans developed by Katsuo Saito and oversaw their execution. Worked at Swiss Pines 1970-1981.

  • Stinson Markley

    Co-Founder of the Charlestown Historical Society, in Phoenixville, PA. Donated some land to the Great Valley Nature Center after its creation.

  • Charles E. Mohr

    First director of Swiss Pines in 1959. Came from the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia.

  • Claudia Morris

    Horticulturalist at Swiss Pines during the 80s.

  • Eleanor Morris

    President of the French and Pickering Creek Conservation Trust in the 70s and 80s.

  • Roberta Porrini

    A wildflower and general gardening expert that was originally employed by the Great Valley Nature Center but began work at Swiss Pines in 1989 until 1995. Came back around 2005-2006 at the behest of Henriette Bumeder.

  • Lee Morris Raden

    Swiss Pines Trustee in charge of the Pinedum. Chairman of the Delaware County Section of American Rock Garden Society. General Manager of plants and laboratories at Quaker Chemical Corp. Member of Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) and President of the national ARGS, now the North American Rock Garden Society and distinguished himself during World War II, where he served in the U.S. Army Air Corps. A bomber pilot with the 8th Air Force.

  • Joanna Reed

    Caretaker of the Swiss Pines Herb Garden. President of the National Herb Society. Local gardening legend that developed Longview Farm in Malvern.

  • Katsuo Saito

    Legendary Japanese garden designer and author. Developed the second five year plan for Swiss Pines development after the initial five year plan as created by David Engel.

  • Eric Sauer

    Assistant gardener in 1985-1986.

  • Carl Shindle

    Primary garden caretaker from 1962 until early 2010s.

  • Scott Traveline

    Assistant gardener 1983-1985.

  • Clarkson and Eleanor Wentz

    Worked with Arnold Bartschi to start the Charlestown Nature Center, renamed Great Valley Nature Center.

  • Edgar T. Wherry

    Retired professor of botany at the University of Pennsylvania and Research Fellow at the Academy, planned the 60-variety fern trail.

Known Organizations